Qi and Exercise

Qi and Exercise

we all know that exercise it so important, but just thinking about it from a “western” point of view, does not give us the whole picture.

In “western thinking”, we think about exercise as “strengthening, building muscles, stretching”.

In Traditional Chinese medicine we can see other, deeper, effects of exercise.

We know that exercise is one of the best remedies for stress, but why?

Exercise helps sleep, irritability, depression, anxiety, why?

The short answer is “because it moves Qi”,

The longer answer has to do with the Traditional Chinese medicine” (TCM) term of “Qi”.

Qi is Energy, (the actual meaning of the word is Air), its a dual “function and substance”.

Qi is a very complex concept, but for our use, its the energy that enervate the body.

When Qi flows naturally and unimpaired, the body functions well, we sleep better, we have more energy.

When Qi is not flowing, not moving, we are in a state of “Qi stagnation”.

Qi stagnation is one of the most common conditions we see in an Acupuncture clinic, and one of the first conditions, that lead into many other problems.

For example: a healthy young woman is having a period of high stress at work.

Because of the stress she will develop “Qi stagnation”, which will usually leads to “heat” in different systems in the body, and in turn, it very possibly will lead to disturbed sleep, it might create problems in her menstruation, and probably disturb the digestion.

These kind of effects are very common and are experienced by both women and men.

Exercise is one of the best way to move Qi and keep in good health.

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