why choose acupuncture for treatment of injuries.

all physical body work modalities are good to use when you have an injury.

Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, but how do we choose which one to use?

Acupuncture works the fastest, and addresses more of your ” whole issue”.

I know all practitioners, of all physical therapy modalities say that, but look at it carefully:

Acupuncture as part of Traditional Chinese medicine, involve all the aspects of the body in the diagnosis, all 5 major organ systems are connected to one another, they all influence one another.

So when we come to diagnose and choose a treatment method, we look at the joint or ligament involved, as well as the systems that might be involved. for example:

when we have an injury in a joint, we look at the Liver system, that control all joints and sinews.

but without good supply of Blood and Yin (fluids) to the Liver system, the support to the joints might not be adequate, and we will “more prone to injuries”.

so we will need to check and support the Heart and the Spleen system, in order to make sure we have good supply of Blood.

if a person is not sleeping well, or not eating well, or not exercising regularly, all these aspects can influence our susceptibility to injuries, and it might not always just be a matter of choice.

sometime we want to sleep but find it very hard to fall asleep, sometime we eat good food, but not digesting the food well, etc.

Acupuncture treat all these aspects, as well as the direct injured area itself.

we know from research and experience that needling an injured joint or area, helps very much in reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing.

And, with a good diagnosis and treatment that addresses all other aspect that might be related to the injury, we are really treating the whole body, the symptoms and the root causes.

Choosing Acupuncture as your first approach to treatment of injuries make sense, saves money on the long run, and save you time and sufferings.

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