why is Acupuncture the best treatment for neck pain?

Why should you see and Acupuncturist if you are experiencing neck pain

The neck is one of the most susceptible areas of the body to tensions and pains.

One can see the neck muscles as holding our “heavy” head in place and giving it an

amazing range of motions, as well as the ability to see, hear, smell and taste as much as

possible from our surroundings.

Many Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and physiotherapist regularly work on neck

pains, and many such treatments are effective.

So why do neck pains keep returning? Why aren’t Whiplashes injuries getting treated

more successfully or with better results?

While acupuncture may not be the only solution, it is a viable and excellent option to consider when faced with neck pain.

Why is acupuncture so successful at treating neck pain?

The answer is because I as an acupuncturists treat not only the muscles and connective tissue, but also several other corresponding issues:

– Acupuncture “opens the channels”: When the neck and its surrounding areas are

injured, or even when there is a “simple” neck tension, the circulation of Blood

and Qi to the area is not sufficient, because of this circulation issue, the healing of the

muscles and connective tissue is slower or not complete.

– Acupuncture works to improve the blood circulation as well as treat the muscles

and connective tissue directly to increase the speed and thoroughness of the

healing process.

– The theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) understands that there are

different organ systems that are involved in keeping our muscles and fascia in

good shape. With this understanding, I would devise the accurate treatment

regiment that would address the systems involved in the given injury.

– Acupuncture has a great “relaxing” effect on the body and mind, physically,

emotionally and psychologically. Many of us are getting neck pain and tension from

high stress in our daily life.

– In cases of Whiplash injuries resulting from car accidents, ski accidents or work

injuries, it is recommended to see Acupuncturist as soon as possible for best results.

– Acupuncture can have a positive effect in many different areas beyond healing of injuries.

It calms the nerves, reduces anxiety and helps in inducing deeper and more restful

sleep that stimulates the healing process of the body.

No other physical therapy has such a complete effect on our body’s healing


A such, if you are experiencing neck pains, book yourself a treatment with me, or if

you are using massage or chiropractic treatments, think about adding acupuncture as

well, as it will enhance all the other forms of treatment.

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