“Professional, caring service – I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Dr. Lebel is THE one to see!”


“ My GP first recommended Dr. Lebel to treat a back injury with acupuncture.  It was very effective in completely alleviating my back pain after just a few treatments.


Because Dr. Lebel treats the whole person, and not just an isolated injury, he became my favorite health practitioner.  I continued to see him and used herbal remedies, acupuncture, and infrared through my first half marathon, fertility enhancement and during my whole pregnancy. Dr. Lebel was the perfect compliment to my OB. GYN, who eventually recommended acupuncture to encourage labour after I was overdue.  Dr. Lebel continues to be my “go-to” person for my general health.  I have recommended him to several friends and they each had the same experience I did and continue to see him as well.”



Eyal Lebel has been my TCM and Acupuncture therapist for many years. His approach and methods have been a good compliment to other treatments I receive – such as physiotherapy and naturopathy. Eyal has an extensive background in his field and employs years of experience. He is thorough in his questioning and sensitive in his style. He is adept at working in tandem with the patient to obtain the best possible result. I would recommend Eyal as an excellent choice for TCM and Acupuncture in Vancouver.”



“I began seeing Dr. Lebel in May 2012 when I was experiencing severe lower back pain, to the point where I had a hard time walking or standing for any length of time, and was unable to do any lifting of any kind. My first complimentary session with Dr. Lebel produced quick results. I was impressed with his thorough approach to my health and with the gentle nature of the acupuncture treatment itself.

I saw Dr.Lebel several times over the next few weeks, and my back strength and mobility improved after every session. I am now experiencing no pain or discomfort and I am ready to begin to return to regular physical exercises for the first time in three months.

If you are suffering any sort of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Lebel. His Holistic and structured approach will bring you fast and consistent relief.”
Doug Burns, The Power of Two Life and Business Coaching

“I saw Dr. Lebel approximately five times. I suffered for several years with a sports-related neck injury.  I had ignored the injury after it happened, and over the years continually aggravated it, but never took steps to correct it or take care of it in any way.  It was so bad in the early stages that I couldn’t look over my shoulder due to the pain.

In each treatment, I felt muscles in my neck loosen up a bit more.  I would leave the treatment feeling wonderful, and as though I was tingling with energy.  I am a scientific-minded person and this didn’t make sense to me, but it was working.  I no longer experience constant pain.  In fact I can’t even cause the injured area to become painful even if I try, which is something I definitely could before the treatments.

Not only is Dr. Lebel an incredibly skilled acupuncturist, but before the first treatment spent 30-45 minutes assessing my life and habits in general, from a more holistic viewpoint.  This was very comforting to me as it showed that he was just as interested in my health overall as the specific injury I was looking to have treated.

In every session he made sure I was comfortable, and would tell me very interesting stories – ranging from his upbringing and past occupations to eastern medicinal practices and theories.

A very fun doctor to work with and his level of skill is amazing.  I would recommend him to anyone, whether they thought that acupuncture was for them or not.”
A. Harvey, IT Consultant from Vancouver, BC

“I met Dr. Lebel when I was invited to a lecture he gave on Traditional Chinese medicine in a first nations town. I have many digestive disorders and a condition by which I get very tired and sleep very long hours, sometime 12-24 hrs.

Dr. Lebel with his knowledge Chinese herbs and how they effect the body, made me a herbal tea combination that made a very positive effect on my health.

My tiredness and my digestive problem lessened and now I  feel almost normal!! Now I have much  more energy. I have not felt like a human being for so long, I have almost forgot what it feels like.

I am lucky to have found Dr. Lebel and his Chinese herbal teas, I am looking forward to even better health in the future. Thank you Dr. Lebel.”
Geri O.

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