Some people experience difficulties with their ability to conceive and birth children. The subject of infertility with both women and men is very technical from a western medical and physiological point of view.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we look at the whole body and the complete picture of symptoms the person is exhibiting.

The function of normal eggs and sperm production in the body is part of the Kidney system in TCM, this system is far beyond just kidney organ function and urine.

The Kidney system in TCM has 3 major parts the are: Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang and Kidney Essence.

Essence in TCM is somewhat equivalent to DNA, but also beyond that as well, the Essence is the energy we receive from our mother and father at conception, we keep on using and replenishing the Essence through life, and when the Essence is depleted, we die.

The Essence and other closely related energies and substances are responsible to growth, maturation and aging.

The hormonal system in the bodies of women and men is controlled mostly by the Liver system. The Liver system is the one most effected by stress, emotion, state of mind and mental state.

In TCM, when I help people in achieving conception and healthy pregnancy, I bring back to balance of all the different systems in the body, so the women and men’s body can do its’ part in the optimal way.

The are many scientific studies today that substantiate TCM as one of the best support therapies women and men can do in order to achieve natural conception, pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Eyal Lebel is both a Dr.of TCM, Acupuncture, as well as a Master herbalist of “western herbal remedies” in Vancouver, BC.

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