Pain is one of the common conditions all Acupuncturists treat. Perhaps because Acupuncture is a very good treatment for pain.

Pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a condition we call excess, it’s a form of “accumulation.” When we have a pain in muscles or joints, the circulation of blood, or – in TCM – the circulation of Qi (energy) has been blocked.

In TCM, we say that if the Qi and blood are flowing smoothly, there is no pain. When Qi or blood is not flowing, we have accumulation in that specific area (called Qi or blood stagnation) and we get pain.

When we Acupuncture both the area of pain, and other points that relate to this area, but very often will be far from it, we open the channels, we open the circulation of Qi and blood and pain will subside.

Acupuncture is very good treatment for nearly any kind of pain, but most pains comes with other conditions, other symptoms that have brought about the pain, or that the same condition that caused the pain, also created these other conditions. In these cases we need to treat those other conditions in order to treat the whole body, otherwise the pain will come back, or we will see development of the condition into some new form.

Dr. Eyal Lebel is both a Dr.of TCM, Acupuncture, as well as a Master herbalist of “western herbal remedies” in Vancouver, BC.

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